Do you feel self-conscious about your smile because of tooth discoloration? Maybe you worry that people think you smoke or don’t brush your teeth because of staining that isn’t your fault. Dental veneers are just one way to achieve a whiter, brighter smile.  Actually there are several options that are available to you thanks to our leading cosmetic technology at Dean Cosmetic Dentistry Center. Never be embarrassed about your smile again!

Teeth can be stained by things we consume, such as coffee and wine, and by using tobacco. But tooth discoloration can have many causes that have nothing to do with poor dental hygiene habits. Some medications, such as tetracycline, cause discoloration in children’s developing teeth. Several diseases also affect enamel and dentin formation and can lead to discoloration. Excessive fluoride exposure, trauma, and even your own genetics can also be causes.

Dental veneers can provide you with more normal-looking teeth. Veneers are thin shells applied to the front surface of visible teeth, and differ from dental bonding or dental crown procedures. The process involves the removal of some tooth enamel to make room for the veneer, so it is not typically reversible. The veneers themselves are constructed from digital photos not gooey impressions taken from your teeth, and can be further trimmed and adjusted to ensure a perfect fit. Once they fit and the teeth are prepared, veneers are cemented into place. Another technological breakthrough is the fact that we custom make each veneer in our office vs other offices that have to send them to a dental lab!  We do it in one appointment vs other centers which require several appointments.

There are many cosmetic dental procedures available to fix tooth discoloration, including receiving dental veneers. If you have any questions about veneers or would like to schedule an appointment with our team at Dean Cosmetic Dentistry we can bring you to the best smile possible with the best technology available.

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