A veneer improves the appearance of a tooth by covering the visible front surface with a custom-made, tooth-colored porcelain overlay.

Dr Donnie Dean can complete a porcelain veneer treatment in just one office visit. With proper care and good oral hygiene, a veneer has a lifespan of 5-10 years.

Benefit of having veneers is that your smile will be instantly transformed into the one you’ve always dreamed about – with the ability to control the shape, color, and translucency.

However, even though preparations are minimal, veneers must be considered irreversible. Wouldn’t it be great to have veneers without so much”drilling” and to leave more tooth structures intact? Wouldn’t it be better to not grind at all? The answer is not that simple.

 Because we have the Cerec machine, which is the latest technology in dentistry, here at Dean Cosmetic Dentistry you can have your veneers done in one appointment!!!  

 Minimal preparation veneersmay be suitable for patients seeking to address a number of cosmetic dental conditions, including:

  • •cracked teeth or chipped teeth
  • •discolored or stained teeth
  • •diastemas (gaps or spaces) between teeth
  • •Misshapen or slightly misaligned teeth
  • •slightly crowded teeth
  • •worn teeth
  • •small teeth

If you would like to see if you are a candidate for a veneer procedure, come see us for a thorough exam and to discuss your specific cosmetic dental needs. We will be more than happy to sit down and explain the various cosmetic dentistry options available.  Give us a call today!  www.deancosmeticdentistry.com 865-539-1119

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