Dental implants are an easy way to restore the natural look of your teeth after losing one or more of them. It is an intricate dental procedure but has many benefits as compared to other dental care options for missing teeth.

Natural Appearance

A dental implant fuses with the bone so that a sturdy foundation is created. Once the replacement teeth are connected, it will be quite hard to differentiate the replacement from the natural ones. Moreover, they provide a similar function along with a natural feel in the mouth.

Long Term Solution

The dental implant is quite strong. Therefore, it is durable and long lasting. If you get a dental implant, you don’t have to worry about any damage if you properly take care of them. They may need adjustments from time to time but are still a strong option for missing teeth.

No Harm to Your Jaw Appearance and Smile

Done properly a good dentist will be able to put the dental implant quite neatly into your jawbone. It will never disrupt the appearance of your jaw. As a result, you will not suffer from any loss of beauty to your face, especially your smile.

Oral Health

If you don’t get damaged teeth removed or leave an empty space from where the teeth were removed, you can affect your dental health. Damaged teeth can transfer their decay and disease to other parts of the mouth. Similarly, empty spaces can cause loss or deterioration of some part of the jawbone. In order to get rid of severely damaged teeth and fill up the empty spaces, a dental implant is your best option.

No Denture Related Hassle

As compared to dentures that are detachable, dental implants don’t require much effort for maintaining. You don’t have to remove your dentures at night or for cleaning. You can keep your teeth in the mouth where they naturally belong. Moreover, keeping regular oral hygiene including brushing and flossing does not have to become difficult.

With dentures, it is always a possibility that they may slip during smiling, talking, laughing, yawning or coughing. However, with dental implants, you can be carefree about these routine activities. Dental implants are fixed so there is no risk of them moving out of place or slipping out.

No Speech Problems or Changes

With dental implants, you won’t feel any difference in your speech abilities. They naturally fit with other teeth and you will be able to communicate as naturally as with your original teeth. In comparison, with removable dentures, people often seem to struggle with the pronunciation of certain words.  

Dental implants are your best option in case your teeth were damaged and had to be removed. While the process may take some time, it has some great benefits in the long run. If you have damaged teeth that need to be removed or empty spaces after removal, talk to Dean Cosmetic Dentistry 865-539-1119 about dental implants today. We will be able to guide you about the process and better answer your questions.  

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