Why did we invest so much time, training & money into the CEREC “white restorations” and crowns technology……. Well because we want YOU to have the best available –

The best “white” restorations are CEREC® 3D Life-like Porcelain

(Not just plastic composite white fillings)

I feel we can deliver the Best Restoration in the world, because with CEREC®:

Same Hardness as Tooth – CEREC® fillings wear the same as your natural teeth structure and will not form a ditch at the margins nor abrade the opposing teeth.

Same Coefficient of Thermal Expansion — CEREC® restorations expand and contract the same amount as the tooth structure to which it is bonded and does not fracture the tooth structure that holds it, as many amalgam fillings do (see photos).

Same Translucency as Teeth — CEREC® blends in and transmits light to the adjacent tooth structure and reflects the remaining tooth color through itself – “chameleon effect”.

Generally made in One Visit – No second visit — No lost time or hassle getting to and from the office just to insert the completed crown or redo a lab error.

No Temporary crowns to come off or feel unnatural in your mouth, while you wait 1-2 weeks for the lab work to be done.

The “Impression” is made by coating the teeth with a fine titanium oxide white powder (same one used to put the M on M&M’s) and taking an optical picture in seconds.

No more biting for 6 minutes on that gloppy, unpleasant tasting impression material.

All CEREC® restorations are CAD/CAM Precision Milled in our office from Factory Manufactured porcelain blocks in 9 to 16 minutes, polished and fit in your mouth in minutes and bonded to strengthen the remaining healthy tooth structure.

More natural tooth is preserved than the alternatives of cutting the teeth down to a small peg and making a crown, and the tooth is actually strengthened.

Designed to Last a Lifetime — With 15 years of research* behind this material and my experience with it, I am so confident that I will warrantee these to last your lifetime.

If the porcelain breaks or fails, replacement is at no charge as long as you keep all of your 6-month checkup and cleanings on-time with us. If another part of the tooth breaks/decays, there will be a reduced charge to make a larger CEREC® porcelain replacement.

CEREC® Crowns & Porcelain Inlay/Onlay Restorations cost more than cheaper composite or amalgam fillings because they are the Best restoration available today. Even the best placed white composite filling lasts only 3 to 7 years*. When a composite or amalgam has to be redone, more tooth is lost due to decay or tooth fracture and you will pay again for a larger filling and possibly a root canal and crown if the pulp is affected. #‎newpatientswelcome 865-539-1119images