CEREC crowns are created with advanced accuracy and precision, look and feel like a real tooth, and every step of the process is much more comfortable for the patient. You won’t need to wear a temporary crown or have uncomfortable impressions of your mouth taken. Why Should I Choose CEREC Crowns Over Traditional Dental Crowns? Only 1 visit, no temporaries and the latest technology.

What can the latest technology offer?

CEREC, Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramic, is a ceramic or all-porcelain dental crown that is custom fabricated in the office while you wait. CEREC crowns are ideal for use in the front of the mouth due to the color of the material. Because porcelain is so strong, they function well on back molars. CEREC crowns are manufactured and set in place during one visit. The dentist uses computer software to take digital images and to make digital impressions of the mouth and restoration. CEREC converts digital impression into a custom made and perfectly fit crown.

The machine shapes the crown in 15 to 20 minutes and then the dentist adjusts the color and polishes the crown. Finally, the crown is bonded in place with the perfect bite the first time.

Cerec crowns are time saving

In recent years, Cerec crowns have produced a more efficient and technologically advanced method of restoring teeth. Conventionally, patients will undergo an impression-taking process and from this, a central dental lab will fabricate a restoration. This usually initiates a turnaround time of at least 1-2 weeks, and several visits before the patient receives their permanent crown.

Conversely, with Cerec crowns, every aspect of the process is handled on-site at the dental clinic, that same day! From the digital impression taking, through to the final fitting of the newly manufactured crown, patients can expect a wait of no longer than 1-2 hours.

Cerec Crowns are less invasive

Let’s face it, nobody likes to undergo conventional impression taking. It’s notoriously messy, in addition to being gag-inducing for many patients. For the dentist as well, getting the impression right requires a lot of patience and a great deal of skill.

No temporary Cerec crowns are necessary

During a conventional crown procedure, a dentist will sometimes fit a temporary crown until the permanent one can be issued. Often this isn’t always a great fit and sometimes ill-fitting temporaries have been known to cause injury to the gum. With same-day Cerec Crowns, temporaries aren’t required as a patient will go from broken tooth to permanent crown in just a few hours.

Cerec crowns require Little or no re-work

Because digital milling machines can produce pinpoint accurate replicas, patients will find that in most cases their Cerec crowns will fit perfectly the first time, with little or no adjustment needed for bite. With conventional crowns, however, many human elements could go wrong. It could be that…

The dentist failed to take a perfect-match impression

The dental technician has made the crown with imperfections and failed to notice

Cheaper quality or inferior materials may be used than were requested, or…

There may simply be a lack of communication between dentists and dental lab resulting in translucency or esthetic errors.

Any of the above can cause restoration errors, but most of these are eliminated when a patient opts for Cerec crowns.

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