Have you ever wondered… Do I clench or grind my teeth at night?  Well, unfortunately you probably are!  Teeth grinding is a common problem that can lead to damaged teeth, missing teeth, and an uneven bite. A night guard prevents your upper and lower teeth from coming into contact, lessening the effects of grinding and clenching. … Night guards also help you by preventing costly tooth damage. The habit of grinding and clenching can cause chipped teeth, damaged fillings, and excessive wear.   Dean Cosmetic Dentistry can provide you with a custom night guard to give you optimal protection and comfort.

What issues can a night guard protect your teeth from?  Occlusal Guards (night guards) are removable devices that fit over the teeth and are used to help prevent the wearing down of teeth during sleep due to night time grinding and clenching. Sometimes these guards are also worn during the day if the patient’s problems are more serious than just the average teeth grinding problems.

One key thing to remember is that over-the-counter night guards can do more harm than good, exacerbating the problem because the fit is not right. That’s why a custom night guard is ideal. It will not only safeguard your comfort, but the quality of your smile, too.

Common signs of nighttime teeth clenching and grinding include:

  • Chronic jaw pain, facial pain, and ear pain
  • Awakening with a tired or tight feeling in the jaw
  • Frequent tension headaches and migraines
  • Excessive tooth wear, leading to chipped, flattened, cracked, or very worn teeth
  • Extremely worn tooth enamel, exposing the inner layers of the tooth
  • Indentations on the side of the tongue
  • Increased tooth sensitivity

If you notice the signs of bruxism, you may benefit from a custom night guard. This night guard will be custom made to fit your smile comfortably and effectively, allowing you to sleep peacefully while protecting your smile. We invite you to contact us today to learn more about night guards and how we can prevent teeth grinding. We are dedicated to providing the best possible care for your smile.  If you are interested in the benefits of a night guard, we urge you to contact us.

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