Dean Cosmetic DentistryYou Need a Crown, words nobody really ever wants to hear from their dentist… But Wait we have some good news!  Getting a crown used to mean scheduling multiple dental appointments over the course of several weeks, taking a sizeable chunk out of your busy schedule. But a CEREC® crown can be made and put permanently in place the same day – making the news that you need a crown not so bad after all.  Before we talk specifically about CEREC crowns, let’s talk about why you might need a crown.

What is a Crown and Why Would You Need One?

A crown is a permanent “cap” for a damaged tooth. Crowns are tooth-shaped dental restorations which completely encase a damaged tooth, protecting it from further damage while making it fully functional. Crowns are usually recommended for patients who don’t have enough original tooth to support a filling, which is often the case when a large, old filling has fallen out. But crowns have other applications, too. If you’re missing a tooth, a crown can be used to fill the gap. Or if you have misshapen or permanently discolored teeth, crowns can give you the smile you have always wanted. Crowns can also be used with a dental bridge, creating a stable support for the appliance.

What’s the Process for Getting a Dental Crown?

Having a crown made and put into place used to be an extensive process drawn out over several weeks and appointments. During the first visit, a dentist examined the tooth to determine if it was a good candidate for a crown. Then the dentist reshaped the tooth by either filing down the enamel or applying a filling to build it up if it is too damaged or decayed. A dental impression of the area where the tooth is to be placed – along with the surrounding teeth, was taken and the impression was sent to a lab where the crown was manufactured. While that was being done, a temporary crown made of acrylic was put into place. The process typically took 2-3 weeks and involved at least 2 visits.

What Makes a CEREC Crown Different?

CEREC technology has greatly streamlined the process for getting a crown. CEREC crowns are made of a solid block of ceramic or resin material, making them exceptionally durable. But there CEREC difference isn’t just in the material, it’s in the procedures. Instead of requiring multiple visits, CEREC crowns are made right in our office during a single visit. There is no need to construct a temporary crown, take impressions for the permanent crown, and wait for the crown to be made at an off-site dental laboratory.

Not only that, CEREC technology includes a quick and accurate way to create a dental impression. Instead of having the patient bite down into a tray of alginate (a gooey substance made from seaweed that forms an impression as it dries), the dentist uses a small, handheld scanner to map the area where the crown will be placed. A computer generates a 3-D image of that area, and using high-tech CAD software, the dentist creates the design for a crown that will blend in with the patient’s other teeth – both in shape and in color. Once the image is perfect, an on-site milling machine creates the crown and it’s ready to be set in place the same day. The entire process takes only hours, not weeks!

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