Save precious time by getting a Same Day Crown at Dean Cosmetic Dentistry.  With the help of digital technology you can now get a dental crown in only one visit.   We Provide Permanent solutions for tooth loss.  Crowns used to be complicated and take up to a week or more to be created by an outside lab.  Messy dental impressions, multiple visits, and extended periods with unsightly teeth (or none at all).

Technology has changed the game, however, with the creation of a new type of instantaneous crown that is created and fitted on the very same day with the help of the CEREC Same Day Crown Machine.

You read that right. A process that used to take several weeks is now reduced to a single visit, offering results of a much higher quality and a longer lasting solution for your crown.

Announcing the revolutionary new CEREC® crowns.

An acronym for its longer, official moniker of Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics, CEREC® crowns utilize a new, cutting edge form of technology called CAM/CAD technology that allows our team to custom create your new crown right within our very own offices – and during your very same appointment!

CEREC® crowns are extraordinarily life-like, seamlessly matching the color, size, and shape of your existing or desired tooth.

This is because while historically crowns have been made of unattractive metals and resins, CEREC® crowns can now actually be comprised of a far more natural-looking ceramic. Depending on the placement of the crown within your mouth, Dr. Dean may also recommend porcelain, porcelain-fused-to-metal, and even metal for crowns toward the back of the mouth where they are less visible.

Crowns serve a number of purposes, from provide a support system for weakened teeth to holding chipped or cracked teeth together.

They can solve other issues, as well. They can be used to address discoloration and staining on your teeth or even fill in gaps and cracks, effectively hiding them underneath a new bright tooth.

  • Everything Done In One Visit
  • No Need For Temporary Crowns
  • High Quality Ceramic Crown
  • Look Better Than Lab Made Crowns
  • Exact 3D Sculpted Fit
  • Preserve Your Existing Tooth

With out dated dentistry for traditional crowns, there is typically a minor waiting period before a patient receives a permanent crown. To counteract this inconvenience and prevent any time spent with missing teeth, dentists may offer temporary crowns in the meantime.  These are only meant to be used as a short-term fix, because they rarely provide a snug fit, shifting frequently in your mouth. The loose fit can also create open crevices where food can become trapped and even cause damage to the area.

Instead, choose a custom-made CEREC® crown made in house by your very own professional team at Eastport Dental who is uniquely intimate with the intricacies of your particular case.  With our specialty in-house technology, we are able to address a far greater array of dental needs in order to help you get a new lease on life all from your smile alone!

Dr. Donnie Dean is a Cerec Mentor and Trainer – teaching other dentist this incredible technology – Cerec Dental Crowns…. For an advanced dental restorative system that allows your dentist to restore decayed teeth, place crowns, remove defective amalgam fillings, or place cosmetic veneers in just one appointment. This allows you to have the highest quality, most life like dental restorations in just one visit to the dentist.  Want the latest technology?  We have it @ Dean Cosmetic Dentistry – #knoxvilledentist www.deancosmeticdentistry.com  865-539-1119 Where you will find We Provide Permanent solutions for tooth loss

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