Solea dental lasers offer great benefits: We Provide Comfort and Superior Cosmetic Dental Technology. 
  • It reduces anxiety. The laser is free of needle and drilling sound. …
  • We can do most of the procedures quickly and easily in a single visit. …
  • It is anesthesia-free, meaning you do not experience numbness and can eat and drink immediately after the procedure

    Benefits of SOLEA Laser Dentistry in Heath

    Laser dentistry lower discomfort, procedure go smooth, and reduces healing time for the patients. Below are the perks of SOLEA dentistry:

    1. Safe for Everyone

    Laser dentistry is a comfortable treatment option for patients of all ages looking to treat tooth decay, gum disease, or eliminate lesions in the mouth. It is also safe for pregnant ladies.

    2. Lower Pain

    If you fear of sharp dental instruments, laser dentistry is the perfect solution for you. It offers relaxation during the dental procedure. Also, there is no need to use drills that cause pain. Laser dentistry is pain-free because most patients do not need any kind of anesthetic. This ensures speedy recovery and also lower the complications during the treatment.

    3. Minimal Swelling and Bleeding

    Laser dentistry uses high light beams for performing oral surgeries. This keeps bleeding to minimal and also lower swelling after the dental procedure.

    SOLEA Laser Dentistry near you is ideal for patients that fear visiting the dental office. It also causes less pain than traditional dental treatments.

    4. Reduces Infection

    Laser beams sterilize the area they come in contact with. This reduces the bacteria spread, infection, and complications after the process. Moreover, wound healing is also fast and it is possible for the skin tissues to regenerate.

    5. Minimal Trauma

    SOLEA Laser Dentistry removes decay effectively without damaging the surrounding regions in the mouth. Moreover, it does not need stitches. This creates less trauma to the teeth and gums of patients.

    6. Prevent Future Dental Issues

    Laser dentistry removes cavity before filling. It prevents dental issues from occurring to the adjacent teeth and also in the upcoming years.

    7. Short Turnaround Time

    Laser treatment is not only less costly but also gets completed within a few sessions. It means you do not need to wait for a long time to treat your dental issue.

    What Laser Dentistry Can Treat?

    Laser dentistry treats the following issues associated with gums:

    • Treating infections of root canal
    • Eliminating inflammation of gums
    • Treating gum disorders or wisdom teeth
    • Reshaping of gums
    • Regenerating damaged nerves
    • Tooth preparation and fillings
    • Eliminating throat tissue that causes sleep apnea
    • Biopsies
    • Removing oral tumors
    • Treatments for cold sore or canker sore

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