CEREC® machines have revolutionized the way that dental restorations like crowns and veneers are made. The conventional way of getting any dental restoration usually takes two visits to the clinic. That can be inconvenient for people with busy schedules. With out of date method conventional crowns, the first visit is used to prepare the patient’s tooth for the restoration, which includes shaving off enamel and taking an impression of the tooth. A temporary crown is fitted to protect the patient’s teeth. The second visit involves removing the temporary crown and attaching the customized crown. It takes about two weeks for the finished restoration to get back to the dentist. With CEREC, patients can walk into the clinic with a damaged tooth and walk out with a customized crown. We Offer Advanced Technology With Our 1 Visit Dental Crowns.

Frequently asked questions about CEREC 1 appointment dental crowns

Like the idea about getting crowns attached to your teeth during a single visit to the clinic? Here are the answers to questions that you might have about the way that CEREC crowns work.

1. What is a CEREC crown?

The acronym CEREC stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics. This technology makes it possible for dentists to design and build customized oral restorations on-site. CEREC machines use digital images and X-rays to design restorations instead of the molds used for conventional crowns. This leads to more precisely designed restorations.

CEREC machines only take about 20 minutes to make a restoration, so the patient can wait in the dental chair while their restoration is made. There is no need for temporary crowns with CEREC or a gooey impression!

2. How long do treatments with CEREC take?

Restoring a tooth with a CEREC crown takes anywhere between an hour to two hours for most patients. Most of that time is spent preparing the patient’s tooth for the crown by removing enamel from its sides. Removing enamel allows for a tighter fit with the crown, leading to improved protection for the tooth.

The patient is fitted with a crown by the time their appointment is over. Those who get conventional crowns have to wait up to two weeks for their customized crown to get back to the dentist.

3. When do dentists recommend CEREC crowns?

CEREC crowns can be used whenever conventional crowns are used. CEREC does have its limitations, though, since the equipment can only mill restorations out of ceramic blocks. Traditional crowns can also be made out of materials like gold, silver, metal alloys and composites. People who want crowns made out of any of these materials will have to go the conventional route.

Get the latest technology with our Cerec same-day crown

Too busy to make two trips to the dentist just to get a crown?  We get it and out of date technology is not as reliable as our in office custom made dental crowns.

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