Did you know that a smile with really white teeth can take years off your appearance and boost your confidence. And while bleaching your teeth is an effective (and generally safe) whitening step, it also helps to avoid foods that stain teeth in the first place. In fact, it’s particularly important to steer clear of these foods immediately after a whitening treatment; the bleaching process makes teeth extra absorbent.

You’re probably not going to like this, but….. COFFEE

Unfortunately coffee is one of the worst stain offenders. The outer layer of the tooth is very porous.  That means foods and liquids are absorbed — and stay there. But you don’t have to go without java — try adding a splash of milk or a dairy free option to lighten it up and it will help with cutting down on the staining process!

You might think Tea would be a better option than coffee, but…

Unfortunately because of its tannins, tea a teeth stainer, too. The good news is that some varieties are better than others. Avoid darker-colored teas, like English Breakfast and Earl Grey. Instead, opt for green, white, and herbal teas. Because they’re lighter in color, they won’t stain your teeth as much as a darker tea would.

Red, Red Wine…..

It may be good for your heart, but red wine is bad for your smile. If you’ve ever looked in the mirror and smiled after sipping a glass of red wine, you might have seen the results. On the upside, studies have shown that wine reduces inflammation, which can help reduce or prevent gum disease. You can always opt for white wine or swish water around your mouth after drinking for another option.

Soy Sauce..

Lots of dark liquids used to flavor foods, such as soy sauce, can produce the same effect. A general rule to follow is that if a food can stain your carpet it can stain your teeth too. Soy sauce is also heavy on sodium, so keeping your teeth white is just one more reason to take it easy on the sauce.

Beets & Blueberries..

One of nature’s superfoods, blueberries are packed with antioxidants and beets are good for you too. Drink water and swish while consuming these type foods.  Be sure to brush your teeth within an hour after eating these so stains don’t have time to form.

Just be aware – foods and beverages have an effect on you teeth.  So take good care of them.  Visit your dentist regularly and sleep in a night guard, but make sure it is one custom fitted by a dentist.    We are here for you!!  www.deancosmeticdentistry.com 865-539-1119  New Patients Welcome   *No Insurance? No Problem ask us about A Plan For Health   #knoxvilledentist

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