Restore Damaged Teeth With CEREC® 1 Visit Dental Crowns

Many patients have large cavities or damaged teeth that need to be restored with a filling. At Dean Cosmetic Dentistry we can make a custom dental crown to cap the tooth and reduce the risk of further damage. Our office is equipped with CEREC® technology that allows us to create a crown using a milling machine right in our office. This means you can walk out with a beautiful tooth restoration in just a single visit. No waiting for a temporary and no pain or gooey impressions!

Restore Damaged Teeth With CEREC® 1 Visit Dental Crowns

How CEREC® Works

CEREC® is an innovative method used by leading dentists worldwide to restore weak, damaged, and broken teeth. Preparing the tooth for the restoration is done in office with out the time consuming use of a lab.  Therefore the Dr Dean customizes the restoration personally for the patient.

  • Taking an optical impression of the tooth
  • Using CEREC® 3D software to convert digital images into a virtual model
  • Designing a custom restoration
  • Sending data to a milling machine to produce a ceramic, tooth-colored restoration
  • Placing the restoration and fixing the bite

Primescan is the most advanced intraoral scanner in the industry, and it’s transforming dentistry.

Once again Dean Cosmetic Dentistry is a dental industry leader offering his patients the most efficient, safe  and cost effective state of the art dentistry available.  Introducing Primescan.  We know your time is the most valuable commodity you have and we agree.  Why do 2 or 3  visit dental crowns when we can offer ONE appointment dental crowns?  With the introduction of Primescan Dr Donnie Dean is once again leading the dental field and training others on this incredibly accurate technology.

Featuring advanced smart pixel sensors and a state-of-the-art dynamic lens, Primescan is able to process more than one million 3D points per second, producing highly accurate, photorealistic images of the oral cavity.

Why Dean Cosmetic Dentistry and Dr. Donnie Dean?

Superior training, continuing education, technology and experience are a few reasons to choose our dental office.  Dr. Donnie Dean is a Cerec Mentor and Trainer teaching these advanced skills to dentist across the nation. He’s also just a really great guy who loves learning and spending time with his patients.  Our office now features Primescan which sets new standards in digital scanning.  Advanced Training Groups, forums, study clubs, seminars and leadership training are standard practice and the level of quality that places our training and technology in a class by itself.  For advanced, quality and incredible dentistry look no further.  Dean Cosmetic Dentistry is a leading dental practice filled with incredible staff and patients.  You’ll receive the best treatment available and feel comfortable and secure.  Call us, we’re here for you – 865-539-1119 http://www.deancosmeticdentistry.com  LOOK what others are saying about us... https://birdeye.com/dean-cosmetic-dentistry-center-144297510769472