What is bruxism …..  It happens when people grind or clench their teeth while they are asleep. Since this occurs involuntarily, it is rather hard to stop – but it can be controlled using a night guard. Custom Made Nightguards Prevent Enamel Erosion.

Are your teeth worn down? Do you have sensitivity in all your teeth when you eat or drink cold foods? You may be grinding your teeth. Grinding your teeth usually occurs while you are sleeping. This can cause pain in your teeth and jaw, lead to bone loss around your teeth, and wear down your teeth, causing damage to them. A nightguard is used to stop this process and prevent further damage. A night guard is not as thick as a mouth guard. It is custom fitted for your comfort, and to allow for a perfect fit.

A night guard is a thin and transparent, custom made and fitted device that you wear over the biting surfaces of your teeth while sleeping. This way, the top and bottom rows of teeth are prevented from grinding against each other. The biggest advantage of wearing a nightguard is its ability to protect your teeth.

Simply put, wearing a mouth guard at night will protect your teeth from accidents or trauma from external impact.  As well as nightly wear and continual grinding.

For example, if you grind your teeth in your sleep, the mouth guard will add a layer separating them from each other. This way, your teeth won’t be able to grind directly on each other, which can lead to damage.

They Prevent Enamel Erosion

Take a closer look at this particular benefit of nightguards for people with bruxism or teeth grinding. One of the issues with grinding your teeth is that it thins the enamel of your teeth. That can lead to other issues, such as dentin hypersensitivity. Grinding your teeth at night is especially problematic, as you won’t know you are doing it, so you can’t stop it. By contrast, if you grind your teeth when you are awake, you have a chance of noticing and correcting the behavior.

By preventing the teeth grinding, a nightguard will prevent the enamel erosion caused by that grinding.

There are numerous benefits to using a night guard, such as:

1. Prevents Tooth Damage. When people unconsciously clench their teeth while sleeping, it can result in chipping or breaking of the teeth. It may also damage fillings and can make the teeth sensitive due to excessive enamel wear. However, wearing night guards helps to prevent this type of damage. It already saved a lot of people from the costs of tooth restoration procedures and other dental treatments.

2. Protects Against Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ). TMJ is a condition where the muscles used for chewing are tight and sore, and the joint connecting the jaw and the skull experiences some type of dysfunction. One cause of TMJ is bruxism because the pressure of teeth grinding negatively impacts the muscles, nerves, and ligaments around the jaw. Using a night guard can ease muscle fatigue and relieve you from the pain of TMJ.

3. Reduces Headaches. Tension headaches and even chronic headaches can be result of bruxism. The constant grinding and clenching of the teeth cause tension not only in the jaws and ears but also in the head. It is one reason people wake up in wee hours feeling surges of pain in their heads. With the use of a night guard, these headaches would be reduced, if not eliminated, as the pressure in the teeth and jaw is relieved.

4. Improves Sleeping Patterns. The pain caused by bruxism and TMJ can often lead to discomfort during sleep. Ultimately, this affect your quality of sleep. A night guard allows the muscles surrounding the jaw to relax, lending to an overall feeling of relief. It gives you the chance to enjoy a more peaceful and stress-free sleep.

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