Best Knoxville Dentist with one appointment dental crown

  • CEREC restorations can be completed in just one visit. Whether you need a dental crown, an inlay, onlay or several veneers, the entire procedure can be completed in one visit.
  • No temporaries are necessary. Temporary dental crowns and inlays are often problematic. They may be uncomfortable, not fit properly and they may chip or crack, allowing bacteria to harm sensitive tissues. Also how about no gooey impressions!   Dr. Dean is the first in Knoxville to offer the Prime Scan Technology, once again providing the absolute newest and best technology available.
  • You will have fewer injections, and less anesthetic. With just one visit, you won’t have to experience injections, sedation or anesthetic more than once.
  • You’ll have a faster recover time, too. Because CEREC Restorations require less invasive preparation, and because the completed restoration is placed immediately, your tooth and pulp are protected from further damage.
  • CEREC restorations look very natural. The CEREC ceramic blocks come in 17 shades, so color matching is easy and precise. Your new dental crown will look like one of your natural teeth.
  • We will get it right the first time. Dr. Donnie Dean sends a precise 3D scan of your prepared tooth and the desired crown directly to the milling machine, so errors are not likely. And with our on-site lab, we can make any needed adjustments quickly and easily — no more waiting while it goes back to an outside lab to be fixed.  Relax, watch television, catch up on your emails, your crown will be done in minutes!!
  • Your crown will feel natural. CEREC restorations are designed to feel like natural teeth. We will custom polish and shape your crowns so they align perfectly and feel comfortable in your mouth.
  • Your restoration will be strong and durable. Studies show that CEREC restorations last at least as long as metal crowns, probably longer. They are also less likely to generate an allergic reaction, and they are decay-resistant, protecting your underlying natural tooth structure.
  • Dr. Dean controls the entire process from start to finish- no outside lab required. When permanent crowns or inlays are made at an outside lab, the technician works completely from impressions taken by the dentist. He never sees the patient or evaluates the condition of their teeth and gums. By having the lab as part of our office, see every part of the work, and make sure that the dental crown is a perfect fit.

Why Dean Cosmetic Dentistry and Dr. Donnie Dean?

Superior training, continuing education, technology and experience are a few reasons to choose our dental office.  Dr. Donnie Dean is a Cerec Mentor and Trainer teaching these advanced skills to dentist across the nation. He’s also just a really great guy who loves learning and spending time with his patients.  Advanced Training Groups, forums, study clubs, seminars and leadership training are standard practice and the level of quality that places our training and technology in a class by itself.  For advanced, quality and incredible dentistry look no further.  Dean Cosmetic Dentistry is a leading dental practice filled with incredible staff and patients.  You’ll receive the best treatment available and feel comfortable and secure.  Call us, we’re here for you – 865-539-1119 http://www.deancosmeticdentistry.com

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