Advantages of Custom Made CEREC Crowns

Custom-fit CEREC crowns can make your quality of life better!  Temporary crowns are a thing of the past. CEREC crowns are here to stay. These crowns make eating, smiling, and speaking so much better. An appointment with your dentist can start your journey toward a better quality of life.   CEREC milling machines create dental crowns from a solid ceramic block. The resulting crowns look and feel like natural teeth. Ceramic is as translucent as natural teeth. Most dentists recommend ceramic dental crowns for the effect they provide. Dr Dean & Dr Alex can adjust the colors of these crowns to match the tone of each patient’s natural teeth. We Offer Beautiful Custom Made Dental Crowns In 1 Appointment!

Remove the need for temporary dental crowns

Dental labs need two weeks to create traditional dental crowns. This makes the patient wear temporary dental crowns while waiting. CEREC dental crowns remove the need for temporary crowns. Patients wait in the dental clinic while the CEREC machine mills the custom-fit dental crowns. These crowns fit the patient’s dental needs. Wearing them will not result in worry or embarrassment.

Beautiful, custom made crowns in one visit -That’s Right – JUST 1 VISIT!!

Traditional dental crowns take at least two visits before the treatment completes. The first visit involves dental checks, cleaning, and getting dental impressions. The second visit is when the patient fits and gets the permanent dental crowns. In the CEREC system, patients leave the clinic with permanent ceramic crowns on the same day. It often takes one to two hours to get the crowns.  CEREC dental crowns save patients time. One dental visit means only one trip to the dentist. There is no need to miss work or classes. People can do more if they can get dental restorations like CEREC right away.

Incredibly strong and beautiful restorations

Ceramic is durable. It is more resistant to cracks and wears. These crowns can last for at least 10-15 years with proper care and maintenance. Routine dental visits can help keep CEREC dental crowns optimal.

Custom Made In Office Crowns Fit Well

CEREC’s digital technology can create custom-fit dental crowns. That is why patients do not complain about these crowns popping out or falling off. There will be no trouble smiling, eating, and speaking. This adds to the patient’s self-image.

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