Cerec One visit crownCEREC™ One-Visit Crowns

Natural-Looking Crowns Made While You Wait Only One Visit

You’ve probably experienced the routine. You see the dentist about a damaged tooth and find out it needs a crown. The dentist prepares the tooth, uses goop to obtain an impression, and installs a temporary crown. After a two-week wait, you return to the office, and the dentist installs the permanent crown. But if it’s not a perfect fit, it has to go back to the lab for another long wait. And another office visit.

We are thrilled to tell you that’s not the case at Dean Cosmetic Dentistry.  Dr Donnie Dean can reduce that two-week waiting period and the two or three office visits to a single visit with new technology! With CEREC™, we can create a computer-aided design of your new tooth and mill it right here while you wait. The permanent crown takes just a few minutes. Now, there’s no more waiting for the lab and no return trips to the dentist. Our patients love it!

CEREC Single Crown

Filling vs. Crown

The Cerec Method

The CEREC system allows us to repair a damaged tooth in a very short time, sometimes as little as an hour. The gooey impression has been eliminated, and there’s no more need for a temporary crown. CEREC also allows us to satisfy patients who seek a durable, aesthetic alternative to silver or plastic fillings.

To make the restoration, a reflective powder is painted over the tooth after preparation. A special camera takes a precise picture of the tooth, which is displayed on a computer screen to enable us to design your restoration. Then CEREC takes over and automatically creates the crown, onlay, or inlay. Finally, we bond the new restoration to the surface of the old tooth.

All this makes going to the dentist much easier and faster, and who really wants to spend more time in the dental chair?  Dr Dean is a Cerec mentor and trainer educating other dentist on this incredible dental procedure.

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