One visit Crowns CerecCan you possible get a dental crown in one day?  Here at Dean Cosmetic Dentisty we use the most advanced technology to make your dental visit convenient, effective, and timely. Our same day tooth restoration procedure is an example of how efficient our practice is. Within the same day you can restore a crown procedure without the hassle of leaving our office or dealing with another practice.

What Is CEREC?

The images are extremely accurate for finding each area in need of necessary attention. One major benefit to CEREC is its instant results. The photo is taken within one sitting, and shows restoration areas without having to wait.

All you have to do is sit in the dental chair and the CEREC machine will do the rest. A wand-like scanning tool is positioned inside the mouth and takes painless images of the teeth. The images are scanned into the CEREC machine and visibly seen on the computer screen. Keeping your teeth healthy and protected has never been so easy!

Benefits to CEREC

A major bonus to the CEREC machine is it allows for a new crown to be made in a single visit to Dean Cosmetic Dentisty. Since the images are taken in a prompt manner, we then have the time to restore your crown in the same visit. Where else can you find such quick and accurate results, and have a new crown all within the same day? Patients no longer have to use a temporary crown while they wait for a laboratory to create a new one. At Dean Cosmetic Dentisty we will custom make a new crown on the spot.

CEREC is versatile too. The technology suits a variety of dental needs in our office. CEREC is used for single-unit indications such as inlays, onlays, posterior crowns, anterior crowns, partial crowns, and veneers and porcelain laminates. CEREC is proven to be clinically safe for all of these dental procedures. The intricate and finely tuned accuracy of CEREC never overlooks any tooth issues or restoration needs. You can trust that your new crown and fillings will be as precise and comfortable as possible. Durability is also important to our procedures. The risk of chipping is significantly reduced due to the strength and quality of our techniques and tools.

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The success of CEREC will shine brightly at your next visit to Dean Cosmetic Dentisty. Whether you are requesting a new crown, veneers, or check-up, the CEREC will effectively show the status of your teeth with exact detail and high quality images. The stress of waiting around for results and new dental fillings is over. We’ve made it as easy as possible for our patients to get the best results. We are committed to keeping your teeth in the best quality shape. Come see us for a CEREC appointment soon and you’ll be guaranteed same day results that will keep your teeth happy, healthy, and as good as new!

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