At Dean Cosmetic Dentistry – We offer technology like no other – in just a single office visit! CEREC chairside milling eliminates many of the inconveniences required with lab-made restorations, including temporary crowns, messy tooth impressions, and recurring office visits. This innovative dental technology can produce restorations that are ideal for individuals seeking fast, quality dental work with the minimal number of dental appointments possible.   Our dental crowns are custom designed for you in one appointment in often 1 or 2 hours!  No off site lab, gooey impressions or temporary crown.  Our technology is one reason we are set apart from the rest. We Can Give You Your Best Smile In One Visit

What are CEREC Crowns and Restorations?

CEREC restorations are designed to function in the same manner as traditional dental crowns, bridges, inlays, and onlays, except the restoration is fabricated in-office rather than at an outside dental laboratory. The innovative CEREC system allows Dr Dean & Dr Alex to treat a damaged tooth and create custom, porcelain restorations during the span of one visit to our office. Beautiful and stain-resistant dental bridges, crowns, inlays, and onlays are all crafted out of high-quality materials for immediate placement, leaving no need to wear temporary restorations, create traditional moldings, wait on a dental lab, or schedule another appointment to place the permanent restoration.

CEREC vs. Lab-Made Restorations

Traditionally, dental crowns and restorations are produced at an outside dental lab from molds of your teeth and smile. The manufacturing process takes approximately one week to complete, during which time a temporary restoration is worn until your custom-designed appliance is fabricated. With CEREC, patients are saved the time and expense of waiting for a lab-made restoration while generally receiving the same quality of results.

When placed by an experienced dentist, there are virtually no cons associated with CEREC restorations. They can offer all the strength of lab-made restorations without many of the traditional inconveniences. CEREC restorations can also be created using a variety of all-ceramic materials, which can differ slightly in strength, color, and translucence. These variations offer patients many different options regarding specific applications and placements for their restoration, allowing results to look as close as possible to natural enamel.

Benefits of CEREC Same-Day Restorations

In addition to the time-saving benefits of CEREC one-day restorations, this innovative technology has a number of additional advantages, including:

  • Digital tooth impressions (no uncomfortable putties)
  • 3D imaging for maximized accuracy and customization
  • All-ceramic, metal-free restoration materials
  • Made from stain-resistant porcelain
  • Requires less removal of the healthy tooth structure
  • No need for temporary restorations
  • Fully customizable treatment with natural-looking results

CEREC one-day restorations can simplify the procedure for porcelain veneers, porcelain crowns, and bridges, offering our patients a more convenient way of improving their smiles without sacrificing the quality of the final outcome.

We are here for you – Dean Cosmetic Dentistry is focused on delivering the highest quality level of dental care, while offering an exceptional personalized experience. We believe in combining state-of-the-art dental technology with proven dental treatment and techniques, in order to offer our patients the absolute best technology available and the best care, that is both cost-effective, and time efficient.  865-539-1119  New Patients Welcome.

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