You’ll Love Our Office And Here Are 7 Reasons Why!

1. Friendliness

You’ll enjoy an atmosphere of lighthearted, friendly communication. No one likes to be around a grump, Each team member was chosen for their professional and people skills. And honestly, it is more fun that way for everyone.

2. Gentleness

Let’s face it dental work is difficult for many people. If you–or one of your family members–fall into this category, expect relief at our center. You’ll receive care tailored to your individual needs, designed so you may experience a feeling of security and greater relaxation at all your appointments. Relax, watch television or listen to music. 

3. Competence & Skill

We take our profession seriously and with a passion to deliver high quality care that lasts, looks great and feels good. Doctor Dean and his staff continue to train to deliver an ever-improving quality of care. You can count on continuous advanced education and thousands of hours of extra education to give you proven results. That is our promise to you.

4. Your Time

We respect your time. We make every effort to see you promptly at your reserved appointment time and complete your treatment quickly and in as few visits as possible. We promise to take the time to listen to your concerns and answer your questions. We pledge to take the time to inform you of your diagnosis and any needed treatment and why you need it.

5. Impeccable Advanced Care At One Location

In addition to routine services, we emphasize cosmetic, rehabilitative and implant dentistry. If you have a challenging or functional situation, let us apply our advanced techniques of rescue so you don’t end up with a lousy mouth! One location means you don’t have to run all over town to see a multitude of doctors to get something done. (We will refer you, if necessary, but almost all work is done in our center.) Let us make your smile a real asset.

6. Friendly, Gentle Dentistry

Good dentistry is more than excellent clinical skills and state-of-the-art equipment. Establishing lasting relationships with our patients based upon mutual trust and open communication is an important factor. All of our staff is highly qualified in their fields: dentist, assistant, hygienist and clerical support. They are all completely dedicated to caring for patients with the highest quality service. The result is an atmosphere of friendly competence where you can get the sort of care you need to keep your teeth healthy for life.

7. Satisfaction

We are committed to providing you with the kind of service we’d want for ourselves. We have spent tens of thousands of hours working to create an office that delivers what it promises. Your satisfaction is our goal.

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