Your smile says so much about you. How often you smile and for how long can provide insight into your outlook on life. It can even show the world if you are feeling well. There are countless things your smile can do for you.

There are many ways that smiling impacts your life and makes it better. For this reason, if for none other, you should repay your smile by taking care of it. Frequent trips to the dentist are the best ways to keep your smile shining to the world.

Trustworthiness- When you smile, you appear more trustworthy to those who meet you. You also tend to appear more attractive to all genders. In a University of Pittsburg study, models were ranked according to their apparent honesty. The study revealed that the models with a bigger, more natural smiles appeared more responsible and truthful.

Moods- It is well known that people who keep a positive mood recover better from surgery. Your smile reinforces the emotions being experienced in your brain, and vice versa. This is a method of positive reinforcement. When you genuinely smile, you can feel it. Your whole body feels lighter and your thoughts feel clearer. If you have a difficult time smiling, start small. Smile at your dog, your cat, in the mirror, or even to your plants.

A smile makes you more approachable- Whether it is meeting a new client, going for a job interview, or joining in a community outing, you want people to feel like they can come to you. If you are constantly frowning, employers won’t want to hire you. Intuitively, we can recognize happy people vs. unhappy people. It a natural instinct; one we often don’t notice.

 Would you agree that we are stressed in this country?  Between deadlines, making dinner, taking care of the house and family etc… sometimes other things, like dental appointments, get put off. Smiling, and smiling frequently, reduce the amount of stress you experience. Having a smile that you are confident with can change your whole world.

Your brain is trained- It is human nature to see the negative side of life. When you smile you are reinforcing your brain with positive emotions. You are training yourself to have a more positive outlook on life in general. It sounds cliché, but happiness truly is a frame of mind.

Smiles are contagious- When we see someone smiling, it makes us want to smile. This is biologically hardwired. So, when you smile, it doesn’t just make your day better, it makes someone else’s better too. We have cells in the motor cortex that are called mirror neurons. These mirror neurons activate and we will subconsciously join in an action that we see. Since smiles are free, it literally costs nothing to share them.

Another reason to smile, and do it often is because smiling strengthens your cells. Your body can heal from the cells up. Cells can distinguish when they are in danger or when they are safe. Smiling is sometimes an involuntary reaction. It spreads the message to the cells that it is okay to take the time to heal.

None of these can happen though if you don’t take care of your smile. Keep your teeth and gums healthy with brushing, flossing, and visits to a qualified dentist. When you are comfortable with your smile, you’ll have no reason to hide it.

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