We’ve taken the fear out of dentistry!  Dental procedures are now taking less time to complete and are often pain-free with faster recovery times.  Thanks to our incredible dental technology we’ve taken the fear out of dentistry with Solea gentle laser.

One technology, in particular, is also easing patient fears and anxieties by eliminating the need for traditional needles and drill equipment. That technology is Solea® Laser dentistry, and it’s a good choice for a variety of dental needs.

Solea® is a dental laser increasingly being used to perform a wide range of dental procedures. With its unique wavelength method, delivering smooth and fast results, it’s no wonder more and more dental offices are adding it to their services.

More specifically, a Solea® laser treatment works by focusing an extremely narrow, intense beam of light onto the affected area of the mouth, delivering thousands of pulses each second.

Its capabilities include reshaping or removing affected tissue and can treat gums, tooth enamel and dentin, and even bones.

During any procedure with a Solea® Laser, your dentist will begin by setting the targeting with a computer then focus the laser’s beam for removal of a cavity or infection, or other procedure. Patients may feel a cold sensation every few seconds but no pain.  The entire procedure is fast, lasting only a couple of minutes.

Dental procedures where Solea® Laser treatment may be used include:

  • Removal of cavities
  • Insertion of dental fillings
  • Removal of old fillings
  • Process of deep cleanings
  • Placement of crowns
  • Treatment of periodontal disease
  • Removal or treatment of damaged oral tissues
  • Treatment of ulcers and canker sores
  • Root canal therapy
  • Oral surgery (gums and/or bone)

When developing treatment plans for whatever dental needs you have, you can also ask if the use of Solea® laser dentistry is an option, as its use may expand beyond those procedures listed above in some cases.

What Are the Main Benefits of Solea® Laser Dentistry?

The Solea® laser serves as an effective alternative to traditional methods and provides a number of benefits to patients, including the following.

  • Most dental procedures can be completed within a single visit easily and quickly, limiting the time a patient must sit still in the chair.
  • It helps lessen patient anxiety as the use of the laser eliminates the need for needles or the buzzing sound of drills.
  • Procedures are less painful (most are pain-free), and there is less risk of bleeding gums.
  • As an anesthesia-free method, it eliminates the need to numb a patient’s mouth to carry out the dental procedure.
  • With its increased precision, less damage and bruising occur to surrounding tissues (which is common with traditional procedures), and there’s a lower risk for additional pain and potential infections.
  • Results in faster healing or recovery time (due to less damage to surrounding tissues).

Our team understands the anxiety often experienced by patients when it comes to dental visits and procedures. To help alleviate that, Dean Cosmetic Dentistry is focused on making your visit the most comfortable an beneficial for you.  We know you have questions so give us a call – 865-591-1119

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