Most people actively avoid visiting the dentist because of anxiety and fear of needles and drilling. However, with modern dental technology, such as Solea Laser, you can now visit a dentist near me for any dental procedure. We Provide Advanced Dental Technology.

What is Solea Laser?

Solea is a dental laser that uses a unique wavelength to deliver speedy results regardless of the dental treatment. It produces a narrow, but intense beam of light that can remove and reshape the tissue and the enamel. The laser allows the dentist to work on any tooth, whether virgin teeth or those with restorations with ease.

Solea dental lasers offer great benefits:
  • It reduces anxiety. The laser is free of needle and drilling sound. …
  • Our dentist can do most of the procedures quickly and easily in a single visit. …
  • It is anesthesia-free, meaning you do not experience numbness and can eat and drink immediately after the procedure.

What Can You Expect?

A Dr Dean or Dr Alex  will take you through the procedure and what you can expect. Next, he will target the affected area using the computer and focus the laser to remove the cavity or infection. The process is fast and lasts for a couple of minutes.

Does Solea Laser Hurt?

No, it does not hurt. Since you will not be numb, you will feel a cold sensation, like an ice cream every couple of seconds, but it is not painful. Plus, you will not experience any gum bleeding or soreness as is common with traditional procedures.

You will have less damage to surrounding tissues. Traditional procedures often cause damage or bruising in the tissues, which creates pain in the gums. You will not experience discomfort because the Solea laser targets a specific spot and this reduces soft tissue damage.

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