Dentist offices that use the Solea laser can provide their patients with pain-free and anesthesia-free dental visits and operations. Almost all services that are performed with traditional tools and procedures can now be performed with a dental laser. We offer one of the most precise procedures available in the dental industry.


Solea is the miracle we’ve all been waiting for! This advanced technology is a powerful dental laser that replaces the dental drill in many of the procedures in our practice. Compared to the traditional drill, Solea is virtually noise and vibration free. In fact, some of  our patients skip anesthesia because they simply don’t need it. Solea is our way of keeping you happy, because you deserve it!  Also  you’re not going to find this anywhere else locally.  Dr Donnie Dean is highly trained, and a top mentor & educator in the dental field.

What Is a Solea Laser, and How Does It Work?

The Solea laser is a CO2 all-tissue laser that is guided by a computer and your dentist to provide one of the most precise procedures available in the dental industry. Convergent Dental, a dental device company, created this first-of-its-kind laser.

These procedures can be completed in much less time because of this tool’s efficiency. And, because there is no need for anesthesia, you’ll be able to return to your life right after the operation. No time is wasted recovering or dealing with a numb mouth.

The dentist positions the laser at the affected area that needs to be cleaned or worked with, then when it’s turned on, the operation begins. Tissue procedures are entirely painless, and there’s less blood than traditional practices. A patient can expect a seamless anesthesia-free process through the use of the Solea all-tissue laser.

One of the biggest reasons you might consider laser dentistry is that it’s almost completely pain-free. One of the biggest fears that people have about visiting the dentist is the pain they might experience. This dental anxiety can keep a patient from receiving the procedures that they need to keep their mouth healthy.

Faster Recovery Process

Using a Solea dental laser can also improve the recovery process of both soft tissue and hard tissue. Lasers have been used throughout all different types of medical procedures to help promote tissue regeneration and help to eliminate scarring. In some instances, the tissue wouldn’t otherwise regenerate without the use of a laser. We offer one of the most precise procedures available in the dental industry

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