Millions of people undergo orthodontic treatments to straighten their smile, but do they offer dentist-approved results? Having a straight smile can give your confidence a huge boost; making you more willing to show off your smile and also protecting the health of your smile for years to come. We know the way to your best smile.

If you’ve considered getting invisible aligners for straightening your teeth, now is the time! Undergoing orthodontic treatment no longer means you’ll be stuck with bulky, traditional braces. SureSmile® aligners are invisible and discreet, don’t disturb your day-to-day lifestyle, and are the best choice for professional dentist-approved results.

SureSmile aligners are:

  1. Invisible. All aligners are clear and virtually invisible. Make sure to keep them clean to keep them clear! Brush them with your toothpaste and rinse clean.
  2. Comfortable. SureSmile Clear Aligners are made to fit your mouth perfectly. No more poky wire and metal braces – you’ll get used to them in no time. They’re also low maintenance and don’t require frequent adjustments.
  3. Removable. Unlike traditional braces that can’t be removed, SureSmile Aligners can be removed to eat and brush your teeth! This means that they won’t get in the way of your daily life and activities.
  4. Customized Treatment Plan. Working directly with Dean Cosmetic Dentistry is key! Unlike some of the “mail-order” ortho treatment that is available, we are here to guide your smile treatment every step of the way to ensure your success.

The High-Quality Difference in SureSmile®

You may have heard commercials advertising cheaper, mail-order alternatives to SureSmile®. While the idea sounds good in theory, it’s important to know the real difference between SureSmile® and the mail-order alternatives.

SureSmile® aligners are created using cutting-edge technology. According to the SureSmile® website, “An automated, high-precision, laser-cutting process is used to offer the ultimate in comfort. The edges of SureSmile® Aligners are exceedingly smooth, whether you choose a straight or scalloped trimline.” The removable trays offer high levels of accuracy and precision – making sure they always fit perfectly and give you the best dentist-approved results in the shortest time possible. SureSmile aligners are designed to work and to last. They provide accurate and effective results, providing patients with beautiful, straight smiles.

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