New dental technological advances like never before. At Dean Cosmetic Dentistry our dental technologies have continued to advance in the cosmetic dentistry field and benefit our patients like never before. We Have The Latest Cosmetic Dental Technology.

Leading the way with our Intraoral Scanner..

Since pictures are worth a thousand words right? And the ability to take such professional-looking photos has come a long way – just think about how cell phone camera technology has evolved over the years. In dentistry, photographs are a very important part of a patient’s dental history story.

At some point, you’ve probably had an impression taken of your teeth by biting into a tray filled with goop and probably can recall it being a less than pleasant, albeit necessary, experience. An intraoral scanner makes those gag-inducing impressions a thing of the past. An intraoral device is used to scan the patient’s mouth which creates a digital impression. It is quick and painless and can assist when it comes to our clear braces or any restorative dental needs.  This new dental technology will hopefully become the gold standard leading to improved patient experiences and dental results.

Cerec One-Visit Crowns

Unlike traditional crowns, CEREC one-visit crowns, take just that, one visit to your dentist. CEREC actually stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics. Typically, getting a crown can be a few week process with multiple trips to the dental office, but with Cerec one-visit crowns, your time is spent much more efficiently.

Instead of the typical impression we all hate, digital impressions are taken to create a crown that usually only takes a few hours to make in the office. CEREC crowns have some nice benefits. For instance, they do not have a metal core, which results in a tooth that looks much more natural. They are often typically stronger as well. The process to bond the crown to the tooth is quite similar, and the time usually spent on impressions, trips back and forth, etc. is virtually eliminated. In medicine, new dental technology that will decrease the time patients spend at the doctor and improve results is certainly a win-win.   Dr. Donnie Dean is a Cerec mentor and trainer teaching dentist this breakthrough technology across the nation.

Solea Gentle Laser

Solea is the miracle we’ve all been waiting for! This advanced technology is a powerful dental laser that replaces the dental drill in many of the procedures in our practice. Compared to the traditional drill, Solea is virtually noise and vibration free. In fact, some of  our patients skip anesthesia because they simply don’t need it. Solea is our way of keeping you happy, because you deserve it!  Also  you’re not going to find this anywhere else locally.  Dr Donnie Dean is highly trained, and a top mentor & educator in the dental field.