Insurance is something ingrained in most of us as a necessity, a way to save money for the health services we need. It also protects us from the unexpected and ensures we can receive the highest quality of care by choosing the providers who care for our family and us. We don’t compromise patient care due to insurance restrictions.

But what happens when you pay for insurance but don’t receive the highest quality of care? Or even worse – the provider you selected based on your plan cuts corners to ensure they can cover their costs?

Understanding insurance shouldn’t be an enigma. Learn the ins and outs of insurance and why more people choose to go out of network for their dental care.

Demystifying in-network versus out-of-network

When someone chooses to go to an in-network provider, they submit a claim for a contracted amount for the services rendered. If they go out of network, there isn’t a contracted rate. If the cost for services rendered is higher than what their insurance will pay, any extra amount due is the patient’s responsibility.

Cheaper isn’t always better. 

A low-cost insurance plan may sound like a good idea but keep in mind that these plans reimburse dentists at a lower level. Corners are cut to offset the loss in reimbursement. Often this means dentists have to make the difficult decision to use more inferior quality products in services and treatments.

For example, a crown should last 10-20 years before needing to be replaced. If lower quality products are used, they are more prone to cracking in the material used, which would require replacement, often within a year or two. But insurance has something called a “replacement period,” which means they will cover the same services after a certain period – usually 5-7 years after the initial treatment. Guess who has to pay for the replacement? The patient.

These words of wisdom came from and incredible article by Living Dental Health out of Bend, Oregon

Read more here: https://www.livingdentalhealth.com/how-going-out-of-network-for-dental-care-may-save-your-teeth-and-wallet/

At Dean Cosmetic Dentistry we don’t compromise patient care due to insurance restrictions. We take the guesswork out of treatment planning and provides patients with peace of mind – knowing they are getting the best treatment for their condition without fear of replacement clauses or plan exclusions. Don’t compromise your care. Your teeth and your wallet depend on it.

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