CEREC® Crowns in a Day

CEREC® by Sirona Dental Systems is the world’s only restorative dentistry system for the fabrication of all-ceramic dental restorations in one office visit. CEREC creates dental crowns in one day! The Smile You’ve Always Dreamed Of Is Just A Call Away.

Typically, dental crowns as well as onlays (for dental fillings) and veneers take at least two visits. The restorative dentist would take a mold of your teeth, send the information to the lab to make the crown, the onlay, or the veneer. In your second office visit, these dental procedures would be completed.

At Dean Cosmetic Dentistry, we have CEREC at our side. This means you can be in and out in a single visit with a permanent, all-ceramic crown, onlay, or veneer! For you, this means fewer injections, less drilling, and less time out of your hectic schedule for dental care.

Do you have a tooth that is cracked, chipped, damaged, broken, or discolored? One excellent treatment to restore your smile is the dental crown. A tooth crown is simply a tooth-shaped restoration that makes your tooth functional, bacteria-resistant, and beautiful.

What Is a Dental Crown?

If a tooth becomes structurally damaged, chipped, or cracked it’s susceptible to further damage. A dental crown is a cap placed on a broken tooth to help protect it and keep your tooth’s shape and structure intact.

We offer CEREC crowns using same-day crown technology. These crowns are made of porcelain. Each crown is unique to the tooth it will cover and we make them match the rest of your teeth. Dental crowns from Dean Cosmetic Dentistry are a great way to keep your teeth healthy and strong.

What are the Advantages of a Dental Crown?

Dental crowns offer a number of different benefits:

  • Protection — To cover a damaged tooth, a dental crown can protect the tooth from more damage.
  • Beautiful Smile — If you have one or more teeth that aren’t uniform in shape or color, a dental crown can cover these irregularities, making your smile look uniform and natural.
  • Zero Gaps — Dental bridges and dental implants can be used to fill holes left by missing teeth. Crowns are used in both procedures.
  • No Lifestyle Changes — A dental crown looks, feels, and functions like a regular tooth. You can smile, laugh, eat and chew like you would with a normal tooth
  • Easy Maintenance — A tooth crown doesn’t require any special care. Just brush and floss and visit your dentist for regular checkups.
  • Long-Lasting Results — Unlike a regular cavity filling, a dental crown is designed to last you years—possibly the rest of your life! We can replace your old fillings with crowns!

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