Restore Your Smile in One Appointment with CEREC Crowns

A crown can help restore a badly decayed or injured tooth, easing discomfort and revitalizing your smile. But many patients put off this important treatment because of the inconvenience. At Dean Cosmetic Dentistry, you no long have to worry about a temporary restoration prone to breaking and falling off, or the hassle of multiple appointments. Dr. Dean offers CEREC one-visit crowns.

In fact, Dr. Dean has been using CEREC dentistry for nearly 10 years, and actively trains doctors regionally in the use of this technology so you can rest assured that his CEREC experience and.training is second to none.
What is CEREC?

CEREC is a proven technology that gives us the ability to mill and place a crown in just a single office visit. CEREC employs 3D scanning to capture a digital image of your tooth and then craft a crown that matches the shape, size, and shade of your tooth in one convenient appointment. Dr. Dean can prepare and place the CEREC crown in just one visit, restoring health and strength to your tooth, quickly and conveniently. What are the benefits?

Fewer appointments
Fewer anesthetic injections
Less reduction of natural tooth structure
No impressions
No need for a temporary crown
Beautiful, lifelike, all-porcelain restorations

Your new CEREC crown will not only look natural and blend seamlessly with your existing teeth, it’s also made to stand the test of time. Milled from a durable, all-porcelain CEREC Bloc®, your crown is designed to withstand biting and chewing forces, and the wear and tear teeth endure every day. With proper care, your CEREC crown could provide a lifetime of beautiful, healthy smiles!

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