At Dean Cosmetic Dentistry in Knoxville, we use the latest cosmetic dental technology to help you get the very best dental care. Featuring just one of our most powerful pieces of dental technology is the Solea Dental Laser. Learn more about laser dentistry below and see how it can help you get better dental care with a Knoxville Cosmetic Dental Technology Leader.

What Is Laser Dentistry?

Laser dentistry uses a powerful laser to cut oral tissue and remove the enamel. It’s an alternative to traditional dental tools like dental drills and scalpels.

This laser is transmitted through a thin, fiber-optic tip. Its high-powered light can vaporize dental tissue like enamel and gum tissue on contact. Laser dentistry can be used for a variety of treatments from preparing your tooth for a crown or a filling to trimming gum tissue, treating periodontal disease, and much more.

How Does the Solea Dental Laser Help? Understanding the Benefits

The Solea Dental Laser has a number of benefits compared to traditional dental tools. Here are just a few of them.

  • No uncomfortable vibrations – The vibrations of a dental drill can cause fear, anxiety, and discomfort, even when your mouth is numbed. Laser dentistry is completely vibration-free, which helps keep you comfortable.
  • No pain or need for numbing needles – Dental lasers are gentler, and they seal (cauterize) the nerve endings and blood vessels they touch upon contact. This eliminates pain. Many patients can be treated without even needing local anesthetic injections!
  • Less bleeding, reduced need for sutures – Since the dental laser seals up blood vessels it touches due to its high heat, there is little bleeding, and sutures are often not required when trimming or cutting gum tissue.
  • Lower risk of infection – The high heat of the laser sterilizes the areas it contacts, which helps reduce the overall risk of infection and other oral complications during your dental treatment.
  • Faster healing – Because of all of the above benefits, healing times are usually dramatically reduced when using the Solea Dental Laser.

Learn More About Laser Dentistry at Your Next Appointment!

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Dr. Donnie Dean became interested in dentistry at a young age while he was in Junior high school. Later in high school, he had the opportunity to observe a dentist perform oral surgery, and he set his mind on a career in Dentistry.  Dr. Dean earned his Bachelors Degree from the University of Texas at Austin. He then went on to study Dentistry at the University of Texas Health & Science Center in San Antonio.

After graduating, Dr. Donnie Dean began working in his home state of Texas. His first year involved working predominantly with dentures, partials and complicated extractions.  Dr. Dean was then offered an opportunity to work in a successful and fast-paced, multi-lingual practice in Miami. He remained there for four years.  While there, he focused primarily on full-mouth restoration.

In 1990, Dr. Dean met his future wife Margaret on a cruise ship, and they are now celebrating nearly 30 years of marriage!   Nine months after meeting,  Dr. Dean moved to Knoxville and opened his current practice at 8609 Kingston Pike in Knoxville, Tennessee.  Twenty nine years later, he is still caring for many of his first patients.

Knoxville Dentist Dr. Donnie Dean is passionate about keeping up with latest developments in dental practices and technology. His continuing education has included two years’ worth of credits in business courses specializing in management. In addition, he has received credit in continuing education courses offered by the following: the Pankey Institute, Pete Dawson Courses, the Scotsdale and Charlotte Sirona Center, the Spear Institute, the SYnergy Continuums with Biomet 3i, the International Team for Implantology ITI, the Convergent Solea Laser continuums,  and Arun Garg’s  Implant Continuum, Master’s course and Implant placement course. Dr. Dean also participates regularly in several study clubs that deal with a comprehensive team approach to patient care.

In 2001, Dr. Dean invested in the breakthrough CEREC System, which enables him to create and fit dental crowns and veneers for the patient many times within one single visit.  With 19 years of experience using, watching and being on the front lines of the developing technology, he enjoys applying the use of advanced technology, like the Cerec System and the Galileos 3D Advanced Imaging System to cases of implant, ortho, and rehabilitative dentistry. These are intra-oral scanners that are extremely accurate and virtually eliminate the need for those uncomfortable impressions. Recently, Dr. Dean started using a Solea laser that can restore some teeth with no anesthesia. He uses this for numerous procedures to minimize the sound of the drill, use minimal or no anesthesia, and help improve other procedures while rehabilitating the mouth.  Dr. Donnie Dean engages a team approach in providing top level services to his patients, whom he considers family. Having acquired hundreds of study hours with this technology, Dr. Donnie Dean is now a mentor at the Scotsdale and Charlotte Sirona Centers and has trained many dentist in the use of intra-oral scanners for all aspects of dentistry.