What Are CEREC Implants?

If you need to replace teeth, CEREC implants could be the right choice. When you are missing teeth or you need a dentist to pull some out, there are a few options for replacing them. Some patients elect to get dental bridges, while others prefer full or partial dentures. Implants are a popular choice too, though some methods are time-consuming. Thanks to new technology, your dentist may be able to use a faster technique but still deliver the results you are looking for. Incredible Advantages To Our Cosmetic Dentistry Approach Is What We Offer.

Why get implants

Before a patient decides to get CEREC implants, it is helpful to know why implants, in general, are beneficial. This option provides a permanent solution. This will allow the person to continue to chew and bite normally. Implants are durable and closely resemble natural teeth. Patients can get an implant for one tooth or to replace all the teeth in their mouth.

The time factor

One of the disadvantages of getting traditional implants is that it can take a long time for the dentist to put them in. The process starts with the dentist taking X-rays of the patient’s mouth. Following this, the dentist will make a mold of the mouth and send it off to a lab. From there, it could take several days or even weeks for the implants to be ready. This can be frustrating for patients, especially in cases where people are missing several teeth. The sooner the person can have a full smile, the less awkward social situations will be.

Faster procedure

This alternative implant process will not require multiple appointments or impatient waiting. CEREC implants allow the dentist to do all of the work in the office, all in one day. This works because the dentist will take digital impressions of the person’s teeth. These go to a machine that can make the implants in as few as 15 minutes. This process eliminates the lab entirely from the equation and makes the procedure go smoothly.

More advantages of CEREC implants

When it comes to having teeth implants, accuracy is essential. No one wants to get implants only to find that they do not fit correctly or that they hinder the bite. Even details down to the color shade make a big difference. This alternative implant treatment gets sizing and shaping right, down to the millimeter. For many patients, there is not even a need for adjustments.

More is available

Patients who need bridges or crowns should ask about CEREC as well. CEREC implants can help patients who have broken, chipped or decayed teeth. Like the implants, the process is quick. The material is also strong and long-lasting.

Enjoy the change

Living with missing teeth can be embarrassing. It can also be difficult to be in social situations. You can do something about this issue and get implants. This method can not only provide a durable solution, but it should not take much of your time to get them. Talk to your dentist today about CEREC implants.

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