Dr Donnie Dean @ Dean Cosmetic Dentistry loves using the newest technology and procedures to provide our patients with the best in dental care. This is especially true with the incredible Cerec™ Same Day Crown technology.

Cerec™ technology uses digital images to create a perfect blueprint for your new crown. Once the crown is designed, it will be sent to the Cerec™ machine in our office to create the crown. These are personally made crowns, designed by Dr Dean while you catch up on emails or watch television. Not only does this process now take much less time, the fit and feel of your new crown is unbelievable comfortable and natural feeling. But you don’t have to just take our word for it.

Here are the top ten reasons you might want to consider a Cerec™ Same Day Crown:

1) Time Saver- Replacing an old crown or fitting a new crown to your tooth or teeth used to be a long drawn out process, that lasted a couple weeks. Now you can get your crown made and implanted within one office visit. No more running back and forth or waiting for your crown.

2) Less Mess- Since digital images are used to create your crown, impressions are no longer needed. This means no more of the mess of dental impressions.

3) Convenient- Your Cerec™ same day crown can be designed, created, and implemented all in the same visit. This will make it extremely convenient to schedule.

4) Cost Efficiency- Cerec™ same day crowns cost the same as regular crowns. However, since you are only coming in for one visit, you will save money on gas, travel, and time you may have taken off work.

5) No Metal- Cerec™ crowns are completely free from any metal materials. This helps with the comfort of our patients. It also is a great improvement for patients suffering from metal allergies.

6) No More Temporary Crowns- In the past, while your crown was being made in a lab, you’d need a temporary crown. While these temporary crowns helped, they could be easily damaged and were often uncomfortable. They also caused issues with fittings. Cerec™ crowns eliminate the need for temporary crowns.

7) More Natural Look – Since your new Cerec™ crown will be perfectly designed for your tooth it will fit better. This creates a more natural look and feel that will last you a long time.

8) Fewer Anesthetics, Less Drilling- With only one office visit, you will greatly cut down on anesthetic use. You’ll only need one shot for one visit. Also, because these new crowns are so precise, a lot less drilling to perfectly fit your new crown.

9) Precise, Personalized Dental Care- Cerec™ gives dentist more control over your care. Now they can perfectly design your crown to fit precisely into your tooth. This will also mean smaller gaps in your crown. Fewer gaps mean longer lasting crowns and a lot less opportunity for damage or decay on your new crown.

10) Durability- Cerec™ same day crowns are also known for their durability. The blend of precision, durable materials, and personalized care creates a long lasting crown that will look and feel great in your mouth without any extra care.

Creating Cerec™ Crowns for Your Convenience the Greater Knoxville Area

At Dean Cosmetic Dentistry, your comfort, convenience, and health are our first priority. We strive to bring you the very best in state of the art dental equipment and technology with top quality dental care. Cerec™ same day crowns create convenience, comfort, and beauty in one visit.

Your time is valuable, let us help you create the perfect smile without delay. If you have any questions about same-day crown procedures or any other dental issues, call us today at 865-539-1119. We are here to help keep your teeth healthy and beautiful.

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