When it comes to repairing broken, misshapen, decayed, or compromised teeth, dental crowns can be the perfect solution for bolstering tooth strength. They are also used for covering the dental bridge, implant, or tooth that has undergone a root canal. Wait No Longer For That New Dental Crown –Ours are different.  You, too, can take advantage of this leading-edge dental technology.

Some possible reasons for getting a crown

A crown, or dental cap, is a tooth-shaped restoration crafted from medical-grade porcelain. It fits over the remaining healthy tooth structure, protecting a tooth weakened by:

  • Extensive decay
  • Multiple cracks or chips
  • Abscess or infection
  • Odd shape, color or size
  • Also, crowns restore the finest tooth replacement available–the dental implant.

Some Advantages

Same-appointment crowns save you time: one appointment, and you’re done. The entire process takes place at Dean Cosmetic Dentistry with no off-site dental lab, long-waiting times or temporary crowns. Most patients are in and out in less than two hours.  Also, a CEREC crown is simply beautiful. The porcelain is plaque-resistant, and there are no dark margins as with porcelain fused to metal crowns.

In many offices, adding a dental crown to a tooth required two visits. During the first appointment a dentist used to crown reduce the size of your tooth and made an impression of your mouth. Then they sent the impression off to a dental laboratory and placed a temporary crown on your tooth.

Unfortunately, your crown order was just one of many that the laboratory received. In most cases, you waited about two weeks for your new crown to be completed. In the meantime, you had to avoid tough or sticky foods that could damage or dislodge your temporary crown.

This is why we are a technological leader in cosmetic dentistry.  Today, there’s no need to wait for a dental laboratory to fabricate your crown. In fact, Dr’s Dean and Alex makes your CEREC crown for you in the office during your first and only crown appointment.

Same-day CEREC crowns offer an excellent alternative to two-visit porcelain crowns. Have you been putting off getting a crown? Call 865-539-1119 and get your smile back!

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