one visit dental crowns from Dean Cosmetic DentistryHow can I get a one visit dental crown?  How The CEREC® Technology Works
Our CEREC® system can be used to create one visit dental crowns, veneers, inlays and onlays while you wait. At Dean Cosmetic Dentistry , we take digital images of the tooth and mouth that are then uploaded into the software. Using CAD/CAM technology, a computerized image of the tooth is created along with the exact dimensions and blueprint for what the new restoration should look like. The software processes the information quickly before making comprehensive recommendations for the restoration. Every detail is accounted for by the software.

The instructions are then sent to our milling machine. Our device will effectively print the restoration in our office while your tooth is being prepared. This eliminates the need for you to wear a temporary solution and come back for a permanent one. Since our software is so accurate, there is very little need to make any adjustments once the crown is in place. Everything is completed in one appointment at our Leawood dentist office. Beyond being convenient, the results are just as stunning as they would be using the traditional method.  Click here to read the story of how Roy received a one visit dental crown.  This is why if you need a restoration or simply do not like your smile, you should visit our dental office. You will experience the results you are looking for faster so that you can begin to enjoy your smile again. To learn more, we invite you to call….   Dr Donnie Dean is a Cerec mentor and trainer of other dentist teaching this incredible technology!!  Check with us for our next article – the latest in dental technology!

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