Sensitive teeth –

Winter can be a season for sensitive teeth and tooth aches that come with the unlimited hot cocoa drinks and freezing cold temperatures. Tooth sensitivity can be a real pain in the winter.

You should visit your dentist even if the pain quickly goes away. Dentists will be able to determine whether the pain is coming from a cavity or a root that is exposed. Worn tooth enamel can also be the cause of tooth sensitivity. In some cases you could be lucky enough to only need to switch your toothpaste to one that is designed for sensitive teeth, but in worse cases, the pain could be caused from tooth decay or an infection. Whatever the cause may be, it is good to know sooner than later. Here are several ways to help strengthen your teeth so you can get through the winter without sensitive teeth:

Avoid over-brushing

This is the simplest tip you can do to avoid having sensitive teeth. When you over-brush, you risk losing tooth enamel that has been built up to protect the surface of your teeth. Over-brushing is unnecessary and can lead to even worse teeth problems. Try using a soft bristle brush with non-abrasive toothpaste.

Change your toothpaste

There are numerous toothpaste products on the market that are designed for sensitive teeth. Find one that suits you best per your dentist’s recommendation. Desensitizing toothpaste is ideal to minimize tooth aches and pains that are a result of sensitive teeth.

Use a fluoride treatment

There are fluoride treatments such as rinses and gels that work to protect your teeth and strengthen your tooth enamel. A gel will cover each tooth and protect the nerves inside of each tooth and seal your gums which will cover your roots.

Limit acid and sugar from your diet

Foods and drinks that have acid and sugar in them can be a great source of tooth pain and cause tooth decay. Cutting out items like soda, yogurt, wine will benefit your teeth. It is also a good idea not to brush your teeth right after having something acidic because the enamel has been softened. Using a straw is also the best way to avoid these liquid getting on your teeth.

Just because winter is here, that doesn’t mean you have to go the whole season with tooth pain cause by sensitive teeth. Take these few steps into consideration on a daily basis and you will be pain free all winter.  Read more here!!

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