Dr. Donnie Dean DDS Uses CEREC Technology for One-Visit Crowns

Previously, porcelain dental crowns required a few visits and a couple of weeks to complete. You would need to be fitted, have impressions made, have modifications to teeth made, and wear temporary crowns while the dental lab made your permanent porcelain crowns. With CEREC, however, CAD/CAM technology provides the impressions, acts as the dental lab, and delivers porcelain crowns right here in our Knoxville dental office while you wait. In one visit – and with no temporary crowns to wear for weeks – we can repair your smile.

CEREC can also be used to create porcelain inlays and onlays, providing porcelain fillings for partially decayed or damaged teeth that don’t require a full crown. Porcelain fillings offer the aesthetic qualities of composite fillings with even greater strength and durability.

CEREC works by taking a digital impression of your tooth or teeth using a computer. No messy traditional impressions! Then, the computer transmits this information to another piece of machinery that transforms a porcelain block into your dental crown. We make sure the crown fits, make any needed modifications, and place your porcelain dental crown. This all happens in just about an hour, and you leave our office with a better smile than the one you came in with.

If you’re interested in the convenience of CEREC one-visit crowns, and would like more information give us a call 865-539-1119    Dr. Donnie Dean is a Cerec Mentor and Patient’s Choice Dentist in the Knoxville, TN area.  New Patients Welcome!!