No History of Dental Problems

Listen, if you never have dental problems and you’re brushing and flossing as you should, you probably don’t need to have dental insurance (yes, I said it.) You’d be better off just having a dental discount plan for a flat discount and paying out of pocket for your regular checkups. Dental Insurance is confusing and we understand!

Check out this read worthy article by Whitney DiFoggio BS, RDH – https://www.teethtalkgirl.com/dental-health/reasons-dental-insurance-is-not-worth-it

Some incredible in-site as she says – “Frustrated because you don’t have dental insurance or HATE the dental insurance plan you’re on because it never covers what you need it to? You’re not alone. Today, a lot of people are wondering if dental insurance is worth it at all or if there are better options (or companies) out there to choose from. The truth is, as dental discount plans become available, a lot of people are ditching dental insurance altogether. And for a good reason.”

What is Dental Insurance?

Dental insurance—or as some companies now refer to it, “dental benefits”—is a type of healthcare coverage (not health insurance) that’s a lot different than your typical insurance policy. Medical or even house insurance is set up to cover big, super-expensive, unexpected costs that would basically leave you completely in debt if you had to pay for them yourself. Dental insurance… not so much.

In contrast, dental insurance is more like a built-in credit program or allowance you use on basic, prevention-focused dental visits. The amount you pay into your policy every month goes toward your checkup appointments and then usually allows up to $1,000 or $1,500 a year for any major services or necessary procedures like fillings or crowns. But there’s a catch to that because dental insurance usually won’t cover 100% of anything outside of preventative visits.

Basically, NONE of them do. In a nutshell, insurance lessens the blow of required dental treatments, but only to an extent.

She goes on to say – “If you’re torn between enrolling in dental insurance vs. joining one of several dental discount plans, it ultimately boils down to some basic math. You need to know if what you’re paying for insurance every year is much more than the basic routine services you need. If you’re only getting checkups and paying $600-$700 a year in premiums, you’re probably losing at least $100-$200 annually that’s just staying in the pocket of your dental insurance company. OR if you find that the type of treatments you always need is still too expensive with insurance—to the point you’re not using your coverage at all—you’re still losing money.”  Great article!


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