How about A Crown in a Day!

Typically it takes two visits for a crown to be placed. In the first visit, the tooth is prepared and an impression is taken so the lab can create a permanent crown. In the weeks while you wait, you are required to wear a temporary crown. Then, during the second appointment, the crown is permanently bonded.

Not with Dean Cosmetic Dentistry in Knoxville, TN Dr. Dean offers CEREC crowns which can be completed in only one appointment. The computer technology manufactures the crown on-site, the same day. You don’t have to leave with an uncomfortable temporary crown and you don’t have to schedule a follow-up visit because it is ready to go during the same visit. Call us and ask about CEREC crowns and this time-saving treatment. 865-539-1119

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*Cerec -One Appointment Crowns
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Porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns are opaque in color. The thin black line is visible near the gumline.

All-porcelain is much more aesthetically-pleasing. It blends in perfectly with the surrounding teeth.