No More Temporaries

Same Day Restorations provide a much greater quality of care and comfort. The benefits include:

  • Only 100 percent high-quality porcelain; no metal
  • Same day deliveries; no temporaries
  • Designed specifically for exact comfort and fit
  • Digital scan provides exact specifications
  • All done in one sitting; pain free
  • Scan is stored digitally; re-fabricated for free

At Dean Cosmetic Dentistry Center we are committed to the highest quality of dental care and use only the strongest, most durable materials available as part of our pledge to help you retain your teeth for a lifetime. We have a state-of-the-art Cerec machine that is able to mill crowns, veneers and bridges in an hour. This provides you with a picture-perfect smile without having to wear temporaries or come back for additional visits.

We also have the ability to make your crown in our lab – in our office– all in one visit.  Find out more – www.deancosmeticdentistry.com 865-539-1119  #knoxvillesmiles   New Patients Welcome   No Insurance?  No Problem ask us about A Plan For Health “Over 25 years of great relationships.”