The Best Ways To Get Rid Of Bad Breath
If you are meeting up with a friend or a date, one of the first things that you notice when greeting that person is their breath. You can tell if someone has a mint taste in their mouth or if someone’s breath does not smell so nice. It is one of the factors that makes a difference in a good impression. Bad Breath or Halitosis is reported to be the third most frequent reason for people to seek dental care following tooth decay and gum disease and it affects about twenty percent of the population. At Dean Cosmetic Dentistry we provide great dental care services and tips on how to combat this disease and we will show you the best tips to get rid of your bad breath.

1. Brushing and Flossing- By brushing at least twice a day and flossing once a day, it helps to get rid of any food lodged between your teeth. It also helps to get rid of plaque and bacteria as well as bad breath. However, it is best not overdo it as constant over brushing can cause the teeth to become vulnerable to decay.

2. Rinse your mouth out- Rinsing your mouth with warm water as well as with mouthwash helps to get rid of bacteria and decay. Also by rinsing your mouth in a swish motion with plain water works as well.

3. Cleaning Your Tongue- Take a toothbrush and you should brush the center of your tongue with force to help get rid of bacteria. A better tool for this would be a scraper. Scraper’s go deeper into the tongue to get rid of any dead cells or bacteria or food particles that could be trapped inside.

4. Avoid foods with strong smell- Foods that have the highest chance of a bad smell include onions and garlic. When you eat these foods and digest them, it goes into your bloodstream and into your lungs. When you breath it out, a bad odor develops. The best thing is to avoid eating these foods at all. However if you do eat those foods, avoid eating them at bad times

5. Stop using tobacco- Tobacco has many dangerous side effects such as lung cancer and gum disease. It is also a big part in staining your teeth and causes halitosis. To help with quitting tobacco, you should get nicotine patches as well as go to the doctor for prescription medication.

6. Chew gum- Its important to chew sugarless gum as gum with sugar can create acid which causes tooth decay and bad breath.

7. Moisten Your Mouth- Halitosis can occur if your mouth is dry and not getting enough liquids during the day. It is recommended to drink lots of water or try sugar-free hard candy or put a humidifier in the room

8. Drinking Tea– A study that was done by Pace University showed that the antioxidants that are found within tea help to get rid of bad breath. The same study also showed that if you rinse your mouth with black tea, it helps to prevent plaque from forming and also helps fight off tooth decay.

The last step you should consider if any of the above options have not worked is to go see a dental specialist. You can come to Dean Cosmetic Dentistry in Knoxville, call us at 865-539-1119 or go online to make an appointment. We are open Monday through Thursday and Dr Donnie Dean may be able to determine if further action needs to be done if the previous options have not worked to improve your bad breath.  #knoxvillesmiles  New Patients Welcome 865-539-1119 www.deancosmeticdentistry.com