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Technology Overview

Some of  our technology at  Dean Cosmetic Dentistry Center have been investments that allow us to do the majority of procedures in the office without the need for referring you to a specialist for procedures such as root canals or extractions.  Additionally, we can perform single-visit CEREC crown appointments.  Being on a quest to give our patients the best.  Dr Dean was eager to invest in a CT machine allows for extremely unparalleled diagnostic capabilities and in the future will become the new standard of care.

sirona galileos CT Comfort plus

Cone Beam CT technology allows us to create a 3D image of your jaw, sinus cavity, skull, and airway in order to achieve the best diagnosis.  One such use is to help plan for precise implant placement.  Integration with the CEREC Omnicam and milling unit allows for fabrication of a surgical guide in order to facilitate precise placement of the implant body.  Other uses include detecting hard to find canals when performing root canals, diagnosing fractures in teeth, airway analysis for sleep apnea, etc.


CEREC - One appointment Crown

CEREC Omnicam acquisition centers – More of our technology at Dean Cosmetic Dentistry

A combination of computer assisted technology, 3D optical imaging, and 3D CAD/CAM software allows for ceramic restorations.  We can provide inlays, onlays, crowns, veneers, or bridges to be created in our office.  This computer and software allows us to take optical impressions which are then converted into a 3D representation of your teeth.  Dr. Donnie Dean then creates and modifies your restoration using the CAD/CAM software on the computer.  Your restoration is then milled within a matter of minutes, using one of our milling units mentioned below. This eliminates the need for a temporary crown and a second appointment since the restoration is fabricated in office and bonded to your tooth in the same day.

InLab Cerec milling units

After creating your restoration using CEREC AC, a block of porcelain is placed in a four-motor diamond bur milling unit.  This milling unit receives the design information from the CEREC AC computer.  It cuts out the block of porcelain to match the design of your restoration to an exacting specification of within +/- 25 microns.  This milling process typically takes less than 10 minutes.  The restoration is then tried in and adjusted for fit before being placed in one of our Sirona Speedfire furnaces.

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