3D Imaging In Seconds

Prior to the introduction of 3D dental imaging, clinical professionals had to rely solely on a two dimensional panoramic x-ray, along with personal experience to determine what size and type of implant could be placed. Conebeam 3D imaging allows us now to have a clear view of the patient’s dental anatomy in three dimensions. This information can be used to allow surgery that is now minimally invasive and more predictable.

Our in-house imaging techniques are easily accepted by patients as they sit in a chair while a scanner sends a cone shaped beam of x-rays around the patientsSirona Galileos 3D Imaging System oral cavity. The process takes less than a minute. The three dimensional image are immediately stored on a computer, viewed by clinical professionals, and used to help plan the surgical phase of implant therapy. Images are available in a matter of seconds which allows for treatment to begin right away if desired.

Benefits of 3D imaging compared to 2D:

  • Improves staging accuracy compared to 2D, which lacks in-depth information
  • Gives access to a new, wider range of viewing planes that are unavailable with traditional x-rays
  • Helps to determine the best treatment option for patients

Advantages of working with 3D imaging:

  • Easily ascertains bone height, thickness, density, and nerve location; and can show other ancillary issues not common with 2D imaging
  • Can identify lesions not typically found with conventional methods
  • Images can be manipulated and rotated to get the best possible view, and these images can be saved and reviewed as many times as needed
  • A diagnosis can be achieved offline when it is most convenient for the operator and patient, leading to faster patient turnaround
  • Images can be sent electronically to all team members to assure the most accurate patient treatment and follow-up

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